Frequently asked questions about HayBoss Feeders™.

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Is pawing a problem?

The HayBoss feeder was intentionally designed with 3 adjustable heights to address any pawing concerns. A small percentage of horses getting used to net feeding may paw in frustration (this could result in a hole in the netting). If you feel one of your animals is doing this, you may want to adjust the feeder’s height to the top setting. Once the horses are comfortable with the feeder and you can see they have adjusted, feel free to change to your desired height.

What size of net do I need?

The 2 inch net is recommended for cattle and all hard doers (animals that seem to have a hard time maintaining body weight in pasture). It is also recommended if the round bale feed you are using is long, stringy and coarse. The 1 ½ inch is recommended for all easy keepers (animals that maintain excess body weight in pasture). The 1 ½ inch allows for more controlled feeding for animals you want to slightly ration. The 1 ½ inch is also a must for all sheep and goats and is recommended for all square bales.

What size of round bale can I put in the Standard Feeder?

The Standard Feeder will accept any size round bale or up to 16 small square bales.

Can I feed 2 pens with one feeder?

Yes. The HayBoss Feeders work great on a fence line and maintains an excellent barrier, even empty.

Can I use the HayBoss Feeder for bulls?

Yes. The HayBoss Feeder can be used to feed large pushy animals, though it is recommended to anchor the feeder to 2 posts installed kitty corner on the feeder.

How long does the net last?

HayBoss Feeders have been extensively tested on many species. If the feeding instructions are followed and the proper nets and parts are used for the recommended animals, nets should last a minimum of 3 years and could last as long as 5-10 years. Some HayBoss customers have used their feeders for over 2 years and the net is still in exceptional shape.

If I do get a hole in the netting, can I easily fix it?

Yes. There is a simple net repair kit (small piece of net, hog rings and hog ring pliers). This is a clean and easy repair system which is demonstrated in our video section. (This video is COMING SOON.)

Why knotless netting?

All HayBoss feeders come with top quality, UV rated-polypropylene knotless netting. This high-end netting was chosen for the size of the cordage and the absence of the knot to avoid animal dental concerns.

What are the rods in the net for and what are they made of?

There are 3/8 inch fiberglass rods strategically placed every 10-12 inches in the HayBoss net system. This ensures that your net remains vertically tight at all times and guides the netting perfectly into the HayBoss roller system.

My horses are already eating on a one-inch square net bag, should I get a smaller net?

The size of the HayBoss nets can’t be directly compared to other non-skeletal net systems out there. The unique design of the HayBoss net system ensures the net remains tight at all times causing an animal to be more restricted than systems they can manipulate all over with their feet and snouts. The option of pressure adjustment on the net system also acts as a feed intake regulating system (the tighter the tension, the more restricted the feed).

How do I adjust the tension on the HayBoss roller system?

All HayBoss Feeders come with pre-set factory recommended tension. There is a left and a right roller on the feeders that could be adjusted at the top of the roller with a ½ inch drive. This is demonstrated in the “Tension Setting Video”, in our video section. (This video is COMING SOON.)

What is the best way to have my round bale positioned in the HayBoss Feeder?

Through all our trials and the input of our valued customers, we found that feeding the bale on end (like a paint can) is the most efficient way to feed a round bale.

Can I load a round bale with a single bale spear?

Yes. When the load side of the roof is opened, it allows you room to tip the bale into the feeder. Or if you can spear your bale from the side instead of the end, it can easily be set in. This is shown in “Loading the HayBoss Feeders”, in our video section. (This video is COMING SOON.)

Can I load the feeder with a grapple?

Yes. This is also demonstrated in our video section. (This video is COMING SOON.)

Can I load the feeder with a quad, horse or truck?

Yes. These are all done the same way and are also demonstrated in our video section. (This video is COMING SOON.)

Is there any warranty on HayBoss Feeders?

Yes. The net system comes with factory defect warranty. The structural and mechanical parts of the feeder come with a one year limited warranty. If all instructions are followed then the post welding galvanized feeders have the potential to last a lifetime.

Are the floor planks treated wood?

No. Due to customer demand, we chose to use standard spruce for a chemical free eating surface.

Won’t the wooden floorboards rot?

Being elevated off the ground allows moisture to stay clear of the floor and air to be circulated through the boards. Wood suspended in the air like this could last 30+ years.

If I wanted to change the floorboards, could I?

It is very simple to change multiple or single floorboards at any time by removing the bolts at one end of the frame and sliding the board out. 

If I damage a part on the feeder, can I order it separately?

Yes. Every piece is available to allow you to always have your feeders at their best no matter what mishap may occur. Check out our online Parts Catalogue for all parts and pricing information.

Most feeders don’t seem to have a high resale value.  Is that the case with a HayBoss Feeder?

With the option of changing any part and the fact that our (multi species) feeders are fully galvanized, it allows the resale value to be far superior to any feeder on the market today.

Does the roller system freeze up solid or how does it work in -40°c weather?

The roller system is made from an industrial spring specifically designed for the HayBoss Feeders. With the spring inside the roller and neoprene caps on each end the system is simple and dependable in all weather conditions. As long as your feeder base is kept above the frozen ground with the adjustable legs, the system will work in all weather conditions.

Where can I purchase a HayBoss Feeder?

You can call TOLL FREE 1-844-Hay-Boss (429-2677) to process your order, or proceed to the Dealer Locator page.


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