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Bernice Todd - Horse Enthusiast

Hello, I would like to offer a few reasons why I purchased a HAY BOSS FEEDER. The first and most important reason was the minimal waste of hay. We have a small acreage and limited space to pile extra wastage. This year is the first spring cleanup with minimal hay on the ground, so very happy about that.

Grazing through the mesh is better for the horses, slower consumption, they are also more satisfied, spending less time chewing on other stuff. When I’m ready to ride, I don’t have to worry about feeding times anymore they're ready to go. Winters are long and cold here in Canada, so I prefer them to have all day access to a round bale or squares. The bale is off the ground and covered on top, so no snow or rain would be coming down into the bale, no moisture coming up and no wind blowing my hay everywhere. My feed bill is definitely less this past winter. The next thought I had was, will I be able to load the feeder myself. This turned out to be quite easy, it usually takes about 20 minutes from start to finish.

I wasn’t too concerned about how the horses would adapt to the mesh, they have eaten out of mesh bags before. My horse has respiratory problems, so with her not being able to stick her head down into a round bale was a benefit.

The HAY BOSS FEEDER is doing its job, and the horses and I are very happy with the purchase.


Mike Hittinger

We've fed a few bales in our new HayBoss feeder, and the results so far are better than I expected. After putting 4 bales through it, there's virtually nothing left behind, and the horses look great! Until the HayBoss, we were feeding a group of horses by hand with small square bales. This group was prone to getting over-fat on a free-access feeder, but with HayBoss, we can put a round bale in front of them and they're staying in good shape.

Very happy with this feeder.


Lacinda George - Clearwater Horse Club

I have recently purchased the Junior Hay Boss Feeder, and it is one of the best investments I have made for my horses. In the past we had tried using slow feeding nets, but my horses often tossed them over the fence to the neighbour’s horses and many of my nets went missing completely. They also ripped holes in the nets usually within a couple of months of purchasing the nets, defeating the purpose of slow feeding. We find that with the Hay Boss Feeder they are unable to stand on the net and rip it, plus the net is of heavier construction than the slow feeding nets. I now have less fighting and wood chewing in my paddock. My horses are happy, which makes my life easier. My only regret is that I didn’t go with the larger round bale feeder.

Allan Watt


Allen Perrault


Bernice Todd

Horse Enthusiast

Ben D. Hofer

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