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At HayBoss Feeders we stand by our product, and there are many benefits to owning and using one on a daily basis. Not only will you see financial savings over time, but there are many ancillary benefits to your animals. We always hear from our customers how impressed they are with the build quality, simplistic yet innovative design, and how beneficial the HayBoss Feeder is to their animals overall.


Shelters & Feeding Stations

1 Feeder 2 Pens

The HayBoss feeder was designed not only for practicality but for efficiency as you can position it on a fence line and feed your animals in 2 separate paddocks at once. You can separate the animals by species, or by dominant and submissive animals to keep them away from each other and yet only have one feeder. You can also load your feeder on a fence line so your animals won’t get out when you are loading. The HayBoss Feeder can really help out any operation within their feeding sector.

Raised & Sheltered Feed

Many of our customers know how important it is to make sure that their Hay goes as far as it can, they want the Hay to go in their animals, and not stomped into the contaminated ground. Because the feed is always sheltered, elevated, and off the ground, it stays fresh for easy intake. It is also very easy to move around your yard, keeping the overall aesthetics of your
location clean, and controlled.

Excellent Return on Investment

HayBoss Feeder is well worth the investment when it comes to feeding your animals, and setting them up within your operation. As they are constructed with galvanized steel, they are impervious to rust or oxidation and are built to last. Because of its construction, the HayBoss Feeder has a strong resale value, although many people use it for years and years.
Loaded with a bale, this piece of equipment really works for you ensuring that your animals always have easy access to their feed, keeping it off the ground, clean and in their bellies. And because the Hay is protected from the weather, it eliminates spoilage and waste, this really helps out on hay costs overall.
There is a 1-year warranty on all steel fabrication of our feeders.
Piggy-Bank - hayboss feeders

Results in Calm and Healthy Animals

When an animal knows that they always have easy access to their feed, they are calm and content with every fresh bite. And the size of the bite also determines digestion and with that easy access this promotes grazing, not gorging. The feeder simulates grazing helping to release endorphins from chewing, which keeps hind gut bacterial flora happy and
healthy Many of our customers report that the health of their animals improved by eating from a HayBoss Feeder. Your animals will also get along better with each other because continuous access to feed mitigates bossy dominant behavior.

Reduced Vet Bills

Not only are your animals less stressed, happy and content, they are also healthier by eating from a HayBoss Feeder. They are not plowing through a bale trying to find the good hay or burrowing their muzzles in a dusty cavity. Because of the tight netting system always being hugged against the bale, the animals eat the way nature intended, grazing and not gorging. This gets rid of stomach ulcers, reduces colic symptoms and less bloating overall. By using a HayBoss Feeder, you can reduce the vet bills on and have healthier animals in the long run.


Multi Species Feeding

The HayBoss feeder is the #1 multi species forage feeder in North America, and it is unmatched for its versatility as it can be used for any grazing animal. Recommended for
horses, goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, and cattle. Deer, camels, and buffalo have eaten from a HayBoss feeder without any issue. And because of the extensive research and development over the years, the HayBoss Feeder has netting that is designed for different animal mouth sizes while still maintaining its overall efficiency.

Peace of Mind

Again, because of the efficient design you can leave a hay bale in the feeder for a long period of time and as the netting retracts, it maintains the easy access for your animals no matter how cold it is. In a way the chore of continually having to feed your animals every day is taken over by the HayBoss feeder, it truly is a piece of equipment that works for you.
Therefore, this quality product will free up your time to complete other projects, and you can focus on more important matters, all while having that peace of mind, knowing that your animals are always taken care of.

Controlled Feeding

We know that every animal is different, and they eat at different rates. With the HayBoss Feeder you can use different net sizes to gauge and control the amount of feed that your animals ingest. The size of the bite really does determine digestion, and it all starts with teaching your animals to value every bite they have. Overtime, we found that animals tend to regulate themselves on the HayBoss Feeder as it encourages and promotes grazing and not gorging behaviour. You can truly control the amount feed that your animal gets with this feeder.
When you buy a HayBoss Feeder, you’re not just buying a feeder, you’re buying a piece of equipment that works for you! And you’re investing in the long-term health of your animals, the efficiency and cleanliness of your whole operation, all while saving you time and money!

The Do-it-Yourself Feeders

As far as being a more economical option, the Do-It-Yourself Feeder kits include the same self-tensioning netting system as the original models, proving to be a great option for anyone on a budget. The DIY Feeder kits come with easy-to-follow instructions and a material list for top and bottom construction. The DIY kits include the same self-tensioning netting system as the original models.
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See how easy it is to build one of our DIY Feeders

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