Take Advantage of Flexible Financing by HayBoss Feeders

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Did You Know That You Can Finance HayBoss Feeders?

Finance your HayBoss Feeder for as low as 90.00 per month!

Finance your new HayBoss Feeder Today!

Finance a feeder today for a low monthly price and in most cases the financing amount works out to be less than the savings that you receive in hay savings and reduced vet bills. Financing available for the Original models and for the DIY models.

Paramount Financial specializes in equipment leasing and financing for businesses nationwide. We offer a fast and simple solution for companies acquiring new and used equipment. Our industry experts work with small and large companies alike to approve financing programs that meet the specific needs of our clients.

For our Canadian Applicants to Paramount Financial please fill out this form and follow the instructions on the form:

With our partner financing company, Pet Card, you can set up monthly payments that work for you.Pet Card is Canada’s Premiere veterinary financing company. For over 20 years, they have been providing simple, fast, and affordable payment options to Canadians. With flexible payment options, you can put down a sum of money towards your feeder, and finance the rest.

There is a lot of flexibility on the duration of the financing and payments. The HayBoss Feeder qualifies for Pet Card financing because of all of the health benefits it brings to your animals…  

Not your typical financing company.

LendioDenver.com is our partner financing company. They are not a lender, but instead an entire Marketplace of curated lenders for small businesses. If you have a business checking account and are at least 6 months old, you can complete a single application that is shopped to 75+ financial institutions and over 10 different loan products all in one shot. Anything from SBA loans to revolving lines of credit, Lendio’s Marketplace generates options for small businesses on 80% of the applications they receive.

Lendio is great at providing simple, fast, and affordable payment options to American small businesses. With flexible payment options, you can use the money secured for any business purpose, to include the purchase of your Hay Boss Feeder. There is a lot of flexibility on the duration of the financing, rates, and payments and they can work with just about any business. Visit today to see what options are available to you!

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