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HayBoss Feeders™

The HayBoss Feeder is a multi-species forage feeding product that has a patented design that keeps the feed off the ground and in place, resilient to wind, rain or snow. This revolutionary new netting and secured platform system encourages the animals to regulate their eating habits, therefore resulting in healthier and happier animals. Because of the feeders unique controlled feeding system, it promotes overall health and frees up time and money for anyone using it.

With a full line of quality parts to back the product, constructed with galvanized steel and very durable materials, the HayBoss Feeder is built to last.

And with the Jubinville family having over 30 years in the manufacturing industry, HayBoss Feeders became number 1 in the forage feeding industry for their ingenuity and innovation.
Watch our testimonial videos and see for yourself why more and more people are using the HayBoss Feeder for all of their hay feeding needs.

How does it work?

Two retractable, self-locking nets cradle your feed, keeping it sheltered and off the ground. The high-quality feeders are fully adjustable, making them the healthiest feeding method for various types of animals. HayBoss™ is the best bang for your buck on the market, hoofs down.

HayBoss XL Feeder

The XL HayBoss Feeder is designed to accommodate one large rectangular bale up to 4’x4’x8’ or can be loaded with as many as 20 small square bales. Height of floor can be adjusted to 16” or 27” from the ground. Made with galvanized metal for maximum durability.

HayBoss Standard Feeder

The Standard HayBoss Feeder is designed to fit any size round bale or up to 16 small square bales. It is made from galvanized steel to ensure maximum durability. The high quality, thick nylon net is self tensioned by the spring loaded roller, always keeping the net taut no matter the amount of feed inside. This also enables the feeder to be put on a fence line to feed two paddocks at once.

HayBoss JR Feeder

The Junior is designed to load up to 8 small square bales simply by unlatching the net handle, allowing the net to roll up on the spring loaded roller. Load bales, cut the strings and pull the net around the bales and re-latch the handle.

New Products

We present our Pen-Pal & our Hay Buddy.

COMBO PRICE!!! Get 50 Dollars off by buying them together!

The Pen-Pal is a great feeder designed for the small square bales that can be mounted to any wall, inside or outside. This still regulates eating, and ensures that your animals always have access to their feed no matter where you put them.

This is just another great way that HayBoss is innovating in the forage feeding industry.

We at HayBoss Feeders are always finding more ways and options for our customers to have access to our products. We are excited to announce that you can now pick up your HayBoss Feeder or any of our quality products at your local CO-OP. This partnership comes at a great time when more and more people are choosing to buy local and support Canadian businesses. Our HayBoss Feeders are made with local quality materials and are built to last.

To find the nearest CO-OP Agro Centre, click here.

Put HayBoss™ to the Test

As an example, we made a round bale test. Using our HayBoss™ feeding technology, we discovered that hay lasts twice as long using our feeding method since there is no wastage. This allows you to feed more animals, or feed less often, with far less expense and manual labour. This is a fantastic improvement for feeding horses, cows, goats, or llamas. See for yourself:

“After a recent trip to a very large equine expo, I was reminded of the influx of information available regarding the feeding and management of horses. That combined with the mere presence of the spring grass growing threatening to founder my old mare yet again, I have sought out better ways to manage the feeding of my diverse group of horses that not only meets their nutritional and health requirements but also maintains some quality of life.”

The Benefits of Net Feeding

by Dr. Melissa Hittinger


Net Feeding with a HayBoss Feeder™ is the leading feeding method on the market today. Dr. Melissa Hittinger shared her view on the importance of how/what we feed our horses. Check out our blog  to read the full story!


HayBoss has Pickup/Shipping Warehouses in St. Albert, AB and Ottawa, ON!

You can pick up your feeder at one of these locations, pickups are usually done by appointment.

Please call 1 (844) HAY-BOSS to arrange a pickup in St. Albert or call (613) 869-3568 to arrange a pickup in Ottawa.


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