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HayBoss Feeders

HayBoss Feeders™ is a revolutionary, no-waste feeding system that provides safe and clean forage for animals of any size. We believe in creating quality, practical solutions for feeding your livestock. With our state-of-the-art feeding technology, HayBoss Feeders™ promotes animal health, controls waste and manages animal food intake, providing a better feeding experience for your livestock and saving you money. Experience the difference for yourself!

How does it work?

Two retractable, self-locking nets cradle your feed, keeping it sheltered and off the ground. The high-quality feeders are fully adjustable, making them the healthiest feeding method for various types of animals. HayBoss™ is the best bang for your buck on the market, hoofs down.

HayBoss for Sheep & Goats

"This HayBoss Feeder, absolutely I can say that there's close to zero waste." For HayBoss Feeders customer Warris, the biggest advantage of using his Feeders is the reduction of wasted feed. By sheltering feed and securing it with fully-lockable and retractable nets, HayBoss Feeders cut down on the feed you waste using conventional feeders— saving you money. Become one of our happy customers:

Posted by HayBoss Feeders on Monday, May 11, 2020

HayBoss for Veterinarians

Interested in how a HayBoss Feeder can guard the health of your horses? Head to our website to learn everything you need to know about the next revolution in feeding.

Posted by HayBoss Feeders on Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Real Economic Benefits of HayBoss Feeders

Put HayBoss™ to the Test

As an example, we made a round bale test. Using our HayBoss™ feeding technology, we discovered that hay lasts twice as long using our feeding method since there is no wastage. This allows you to feed more animals, or feed less often, with far less expense and manual labour. This is a fantastic improvement for feeding horses, cows, goats, or llamas. See for yourself:

“After a recent trip to a very large equine expo, I was reminded of the influx of information available regarding the feeding and management of horses. That combined with the mere presence of the spring grass growing threatening to founder my old mare yet again, I have sought out better ways to manage the feeding of my diverse group of horses that not only meets their nutritional and health requirements but also maintains some quality of life.”

The Benefits of Net Feeding

by Dr. Melissa Hittinger


Net Feeding with a HayBoss Feeder™ is the leading feeding method on the market today. Dr. Melissa Hittinger shared her view on the importance of how/what we feed our horses. Check out our blog  to read the full story!


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