a controlled feeding system

Not Just a Feeder, But a Quality Piece of Equipment That Works For You.

Raised and Sheltered Feed in a Clean and Controlled Feeding System

The HayBoss Feeder is a multi-species forage feeding system, it’s patented design keeps the feed off the ground and in place, resilient to wind, rain or snow. This revolutionary feeding system promotes grazing instead of gorging therefore resulting in healthier and happier animals. This system is guaranteed to deliver unmatched savings and overall animal health.

How Does it Work?

Two retractable, self-locking nets cradle your feed, keeping it sheltered and off the ground. The high-quality feeders are fully adjustable, making them the healthiest feeding method for various types of animals. HayBoss™ is the best bang for your buck on the market, hoofs down.

Designed with Grazing in Mind

Now You Can Pick Up Your New Hayboss Feeder at Your Local Co-Op!

We at HayBoss Feeders are always finding more ways and options for our customers to have access to our products. We are excited to announce that you can now pick up your HayBoss Feeder or any of our quality products at your local CO-OP. This partnership comes at a great time when more and more people are choosing to buy local and support local businesses. Our HayBoss Feeders are made with local quality materials and are built to last.



The Benefits of Clean Controlled Feeding

Clean controlled Feeding with a HayBoss Feeder™ is the best feeding method on the market today. Dr. Melissa Hittinger shared her view on the importance of how/what we feed our horses. Check out our blog to read the full story!
Benefits of Clean Controlled Feeding

The Real HayBoss Difference!

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