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Our feeders are built to last with quality materials, precise workmanship, and each feeder is constructed and handled with care. Ranging from $79-$4,950 depending on the model and netting size you choose, we have the right feeding option for anyone on any budget.

These great DIY feeders still use the same patented high quality netting system as our original feeders. Ranging from $1,742-$2,480 depending on the model and netting size you choose, these Do It Yourself feeders are a great option and have proven to be an excellent addition to the HayBoss Product line up. With a list of materials and instructions provided with every purchase, they are easy to construct with a little time and effort and still make a great feeder that will save you time and money.

All of our feeders are sent out of our warehouses in a compact format ideal for shipping, they all come with easy to follow assembly instructions, and we also have instructional videos for your reference. These Feeders can be assembled for an additional assembly charge for close proximity shipping or pick up.
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See how easy it is to build one of our DIY Feeders

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