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Introducing the HayBoss HayRing Feeders!

At HayBoss Feeders, we are always innovating and bringing out products that are easy to use and will save you time and money. With our new HayBoss HayRing product line, this is no different, below are the latest products from the hardworking team of HayBoss Feeders.

These HayRings have been designed with the knowledge that they will be put to the test of rough animals, harsh weather, and overall wear and tear. Because of the thick plastic material, they are strong and durable, yet lightweight enough for anyone to easily move without equipment. With metal reinforcements on the top and bottom, they keep the feeder sturdy, always keeping its form so you can drape it over 100’s of bales and it will keep working as intended every time. Keeping your animals hay clean is only half the battle, you want a durable long-lasting net that will stand up to constant grazing. 

  • The heavy-duty polyethylene orange netting that comes with every HayRing is the way to go because when compared to other nets on the market, it doesn’t fray as much and is water resistant. 
  • This orange netting has a great track record with customer feedback over the years and this is why HayBoss Feeders has decided to use it for the HayBoss HayRings and Barrel Kits…

These innovative feeders are designed so you can convert them into different shapes and sizes depending on the type of bales that you are feeding. The panels are universal and as they make up the majority of these HayRing feeders, you can position them in different patterns and shapes, so for example with the corner conversion kit, the HayBoss Hex feeder converts into the Large Square Bale HayRing. These are great feeders to have if you value ease of use, clean and controlled feeding and future versatility…

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