The Easiest Net Replacement for Hay hoop

74.00 CAD

Best durable net panels for feeding animals. Our high quality panels ensure long lasting performance and secure containment for your livestock.

HayBoss Hay-Hoop Net Replacement is the best choice for you because it has designed to withstand any kind of wear and tear. Netting The HayBoss netting hooks in like a basketball hoop and is also designed for easy removal. Simply attach the net onto the spiral fittings then fold down from the wall for easy loading with a 12”x17″ opening. Secures with durable steel latch.



At HayBoss Feeders the net panel is very important as it is the netting that wraps around the bale, keeping your hay unspoiled inside the feeder, dry and off of the ground, allowing your animals to eat through it at their own pace.

Introduce Net Panels and Their Benefits for Feeding Animals

Net Replacement is made effortless with the patented rolling tension system of the net panel. This innovative system ensures that the netting material stays close to the bale, maintaining surface tension and significantly reducing the likelihood of holes being created.

The Factors to Consider When Choosing Net Panels

  1. The type of animal you are feeding
  2. The size of the animal
  3. The amount of food you need to feed
  4. The climate
  5. Your budget

At HayBoss Feeders, we have 3 different netting sizes from #1 net 1 ¼ or #2 net 2” or #3 net 3 ½ This all depends on the animal that you will be feeding on the netting. The size of their mouth makes a difference so the larger the mouth, the larger the netting holes are needed. 

Benefits of net panels for feeding animals

  • Net panels help to reduce waste.
  • They can help to prevent animals from fighting over food.
  • They can help to keep animals cool in hot weather.
  • They can help to keep animals clean.

As the net panel is tight against the bale, this allows the horses, goats or sheep to have easy access to the hay as they can pull it right through the netting. This net panel helps reduce waste, stops herd aggression so your animals will fight less which ensures less injuries. Keeping your hay dry, off the ground, unsoiled and always fresh, this net panel keeps your hay contained and always available for your animals. So HayBoss Feeder will be the best option for choosing your desire net penel.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 9 × 9 in
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