High-Quality Net Repair Panel for Easy and Effective Repairs

45.00 CAD

Achieve the best solution for your net repair needs with HayBoss high-quality net repair panels. For durability and superior repairs performance.

The HayBoss Feeders net repair Panel is a 4 square foot piece of #1 net to perform multiple repairs in the net if necessary. Simply cut out any broken strands, cut the size of patch needed to patch the hole. Zip tie each knot of the patch to the existing net and cut the tails off of the zip ties. (Zipties sold separately) Repairing any damage as soon as possible is the best way to achieve the longest possible life expectancy of your net.

We suggest buying a bag of zip ties for net repair.

Three Heavy Duty net options available.
(#1 Net with the smallest hole size and #3 with the largest hole size.)

#1 Net recommened for smaller animals within their species.
#2 Net recommended for majority of all forage feeding animals.
#3 Net recommended for cattle or larger animals that don’t need restricted feeding.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 5 in
Net Size

Net #1, Net #2, Net #3

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