Standard Sheep and Goat Guard Kit

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Protect your flock with the ultimate Sheep and Goat Guard Kit. This comprehensive kit provides top-notch security for your sheep and goats, keeping them safe from predators. Don’t compromise on their safety – get the best protection available today.

The Standard Goat and Sheep Guard is a 26” wide, solid tarp like material to be installed on the top inside portion of the nets. It allows only the lower portion of the bale to be exposed, eliminating climbing which in turn reduces waste. Comes with zip ties for attaching to the net. Comes with both sides.

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Sheep and Goat Guard Kit: The Ultimate Protection for Your Flock

The HayBoss Sheep and Goat Guard Kit is an add on to any one of our feeders to ensure that will discourage the animals from climbing all over the feeder.

The Importance of Safeguarding Your Sheep and Goats

The Goat and Sheep Guard is a great way to stop your animals from trying to climb all over the feeder, but it will also stop them from getting their horns stuck as well.

The Sheep and Goat Guard Kit as the Solution

The Goat and Sheep Guard is a great way to keep your animals eating on the lower end of the feeder, this guard maintains consistency and trains your animals to stay away from the top side of the feeder and bale.

Its Comprehensive Nature

The great thing about this Goat and Sheep Guard is that it can be attached to any feeder and doesn’t impact the features and benefits of the feeder itself.

How to Use The Sheep and Goat Guard Kit

To install a Goat and Sheep guard, there are installation videos on our website but it is either securing the netting to the roof, or attaching the tarp-like material to the netting. Once the Goat and Sheep Guard is secured to the feeder, you can use the feeder like you would normally but when you wrap the netting around the bale and continue with normal feeder use.

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