Durable and Convenient Hay Bag Feeder for Your Livestock

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Discover the ultimate hay bag feeder for your livestock. Our durable and convenient design ensures easy feeding while minimizing waste. Keep your animals happy and well-fed with our top-quality hay bag feeder.

The HayBoss HayBag is a designed to keep your animals occupied and well fed. The net has diamond holes that are 1 3/4″ and the bag can hold up to 3flakes of your common single square bales. When completely filled, the bag is approximately 12x17x30” and with very strong durable netting, this is a great option for net feeding.


Durable and Convenient Hay Bag Feeder for Your Livestock

When looking at a Hay Bag, you want to consider the quality of the netting. There are some low- quality nets out there, and if you try those out, you’ll soon realize that you get what you pay for. You want to look for a netting material that will stand up to the harsh elements in the winter, as well as the UV rays of the sun in the summer.

A good net bag should be easy to load, easy to use and it should also have a way to secure it on the top and the bottom so the animal eating from it won’t get too frustrated if it keeps swaying back and forth. 

Hay bag feeders and their benefits for livestock

Hay bag feeders help to reduce waste.

They can help to prevent animals from fighting over food.

They can help to slow down the eating process, which can help to prevent digestive problems.

Factors to consider when choosing a hay bag feeder

The type of animal you are feeding

The size of the animal

The amount of hay you need to feed

Your budget

When choosing a Hay Bag Feeder you should consider if it is for Horses, goats, or sheep, and what height you are going to hang it from as it varies on the size of your animals. You will also have to factor in how many flakes of hay that you can load into the bag because if the bag is too small or hard to sinch up again, your animals will just open it up and there goes you slowing them down.

Where to buy hay bag feeders

The nice thing about buying Hay Bag feeders is they are lightweight and compact for shipping. You can buy them at a local store but you should buy them from a company that has been in the net feeding industry for over 15 years. HayBoss Feeders has been producing Net Feeders for over 15 years. 

How to prevent hay bag feeders from tipping over

Our HayBoss HayBag can be secured to any fence, or if you tie it to a screw or nail, potentially any wall. There is also a ring on the bottom of the net for a great way to secure it to another point. This stops it from swaying back and forth if a horse kicks it, and it won’t fall off and tip over either.

How to clean and maintain a hay bag feeder

You can easily maintain your HayBoss HayBag by keeping it off the dirty ground, the netting material is waterproof so spraying it down and letting it dry in the sun is a great practice to keep it fresh.

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