The HayBoss HayHoop Wall Feeder for Easy Feeding Solution

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HayBoss hay hoops wall feeder is the best feeding solution for your Livestock. Say goodbye to messy feeding areas and wasted hay.

The HayBoss HayHoop is a great way to keep your animals occupied and well fed, it easily installs to any wall at the recommended 40″- 60″ above the ground. The whole unit is easy to install or remove with screws that are included. This feeder helps to reduce the likelihood of your animal’s developing ulcers and helps to prevent vices such as cribbing and weaving by keeping them busy chewing. Attach the HayBoss net onto the spiral fittings then fold down from the wall for easy loading with a 12”x17” opening. Secures with durable steel latch. HayBoss net is included and it has diamond square holes that measure 1 3/4″.


Hay Hoops Wall Feeder: Prevent Hay Waste & Encourage Slow Feeding

The HayBoss Hay Hoop is a great wall feeder that can be mounted to any solid wall, or fence or side of the barn. It is a great feeder that prevents waste and keeps the hay off the ground. This feeder stays open when loading and locks in place for being secured on the wall.

Why a Hay Hoop Feeder is A Good Choice for Horses And Other Livestock.

The HayBoss HayHoop is a very good choice for horses, ponies and any forage feeding animal because the ease of use and the netting is very strong and versatile. Because horses are in a confined spot most of their lives if they are in a pen, it is great to have a feeder secured to the wall to keep them content and occupied. 

Explore Hay Hoops Wall Feeder: Durable, Easy-to-Use, Various Sizes

This HayHoop Wall Feeder has many features. It is not just like any bag feeder out there. The hoop is designed to last a long time, and has the same construction similar to a basketball hoop and you can loop the netting through just like one. It is very easy to mount to a wall, when it opens, it stays propped out at 90 degrees for easy loading and when you are done, you can lock it in place so your animals won’t be able to open it up again.

How to Install and Use The Hay Hoops Wall Feeder

The HayBoss HayHoop is easy to install to any wall or side of a barn or large fence. With the mounting screws included with every package, it is as easy as finding your desired spot and screwing it into the wall and you’ve completed the install.

Best tips for choosing the right hay hoop feeder for your needs.

The HayBoss HayHoop will work with any forage feeding animal of any size, because of the mounting capabilities, you can mount it at any height, and the strong durable netting makes it a great option for any animal. 

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 20 × 3 in
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