XL Net Panel

289.00 CAD

This durable UV rated netting has been chosen for its high tensile strength and great resistance to abrasion. Designed as a replacement netting for the XL Hayboss Feeder. Having approximately

1 ¼”x 1 ¼” diamond sizes, the #1 Net is recommended for horses that are already familiar with net feeding as well as goats, sheep, deer and other exotics. Allow your animals to eat small amounts for long periods of time as nature intended. Reduces waste, cribbing, heaves, ulcers as well as herd aggression, in turn saving you time and money.

Note: If you purchased your feeder before 2019 you may need the update kit. Be sure to contact HayBoss Feeders to ensure the new netting will work for you.

Three Heavy Duty net options available.
(#1 Net with the smallest hole size and #3 with the largest hole size.)

#1 Net recommened for smaller animals within their species.
#2 Net recommended for majority of all forage feeding animals.
#3 Net recommended for cattle or larger animals that don’t need restricted feeding.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 18 × 4 in
Net Size

Net #1, Net #2

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